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Hair Salons in Bangkok

My friend needed a haircut. So I asked him, “Japanese, Thai or Korean?” Haha! Why I said so? Because I knew there were three types of hair salons in Bangkok – Japanese Hair Salon, Korean Hair Salon and local Thai Hair Salon. Japanese haircut is quite expensive, mostly costs 1000 Baht above. Thai haircut is cheaper but there is risk that they will cut your throat if you couldn’t speak Thai. The price for Korean haircut seems moderate as compare to others.

“J.M Hair Studio” Korean Hair Salon

J.M Hair Studio

At first, we looked for Japanese hair salons around Phrom Phong there. Though that place has a large concentration of Japanese expatriates, we couldn’t find any Japanese hair salon. We met a nice Japanese lady while we were searching around. She advised us not to go Japanese hair salon because it will be very expensive. Then, she recommended “J.M Hair Studio” Korean hair salon and we went! Let’s see the outcome, quite trendy, 500 Baht, wash, cut, blow and style.

Haircut in Bangkok

How to go J.M Hair Studio?

Bangkok Skytrain Map Phrom Phong

J.M Hair

If you’re interested in getting your haircut there, take BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and get off at Phrom Phong station (E5), Exit 2. “Naraya” Shop will be on your right. Turn right into “Soi Sukhumvit 24” and walk straight until you see “BKK Home 24 Boutique Hotel“, which is on your left. “J.M Hair Studio” Korean hair salon is just opposite, second floor.

“Just Cut” Thai Hair Salon

Hair Salon in Bangkok

Local Thai hair salons can be further divided into two types – normal hair salon and speed cut or just cut. Sister needed a haircut too, but “J.M Hair Studio” was not her cup of tea. So, we walked to Thong Lo BTS station and looked for “Just Cut” Thai Hair Salon. Men, women or children all at one price, 10 minutes haircut, 100 Baht. No appointment needed.

Thai Hair Salon

Just purchase a ticket from the machine in the salon and present it for your haircut. Discount is available! If you buy 5 haircuts, you will get 1 Free. All cutting equipment sanitize after each use. All stylists were fully trained. Satisfaction guaranteed. Though choosing the wrong hairdresser could be a disaster and turn a great holiday into a bad one, my sister isn’t worry at all. She is always adventurous, be adventurous! The Thai hairstylist didn’t ruin my sister’s hair. So, if you need a quick and easy haircut, go for “Just Cut”.

How to go “Just Cut”?

Bangkok Hair Salon

BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and get off at Thong Lo station (E6). “Just Cut” Thai Hair Salon in located in the station, near Exit 3. Besides, in my opinion, if you are planning to do hair coloring, highlights, perms, permanent straightening or rebonding and more which may require certain skills, I think you better look for a great professional salon with English speaking hairstylists.

Thought of the day

Birds are singing at 5 am, Bangkok. Everyone wakes up early in the morning, from hotel receptionists to cleaners to securities to street vendors. They work really hard, especially the hotel cleaners. They clean our room almost every day, very friendly and nice. Great us happily every time they see us. I would like to see them as friends rather than workers. They say, when you spend a few dollars for a meal, you think you are making a saving, but there are people who have only few cents for a meal; you wake up at 8 am and do some reading, you think you are hard-working, but there are people who wake up much earlier than you and working very hard for a living; you have tuition on Saturday and you feel frustrated and tired about it, but there are people who work tirelessly without complaint. We just don’t realize how lucky we are. We always chase after what we don’t have and forget to appreciate what we already have. I have to introspect myself. I’m too lazy and not working hard enough!