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Bleu Red Wine Merlot | Wine Tasting Steps

Bleu Red Wine 2011 Merlot 1.5 Litre, free 2 imported Wine Glasses, a gift to remember, a gift to me for my 25th years old birthday. Many questions running through my mind – how to taste wine? what is the proper way to taste wine? what are the four basic steps to tasting wine? what is the best way to preserve an open bottle of wine? I have not opened it yet but there were wine tasting steps written on the box and I would like to share it here. Between, any wine tasting tips for me?

Bleu Red Wine Merlot

A smooth, delicious and easy drinking wine.

Bleu Red Wine Merlot

Bleu de original
Vintage: 2011
Appellation title: Vin de pays d’Oc – IGP wine (Indication géographique protégée)
Grape varieties: Merlot
Domaine(vineyard)-bottled: Mis en bouteille par Vinival
Producer name and location: 44330 Vallet pour BLEU
Product of France
12.5% Alchohol
1500 ml

The great aromas and generous fruit flavours of this Merlot will complement a wide range of meat and seafood dishes. This youthful red Merlot is medium ruby in colour with rich berries, cherries and plums character on the nose. With plenty of complexity and flavours up front, this well structured red wine is smooth, delicious and easy drinking for any occasions – an ideal combination for a wide range of meat and seafood dishes.

Wine Tasting Steps

There are four basic steps to wine tasting.

  1. Look at the wine. A wine’s color and clarity can tell you its age and the type of grape it’s made from.
  2. Swirl the wine. Gently swirl the wine.
  3. Smell the wine. Inhale slowly. What is your first impression? Look for familiar scents like fruits, flowers, wood or spices.
  4. Taste the wine. Swirl a generous sip around your mouth. Is it sweet or dry? Light or full? Crisp or soft? Does the flavor last or fade quickly?

If you like it, enjoy a glass.

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