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How to make Vanilla Extract from Vanilla Beans (DIY Vanilla Extract)

How to make Vanilla Extract from Vanilla Beans? DIY Vanilla Extract – Homemade Vanilla Extract – Do it yourself! There are many reasons that I would like to make Vanilla Extract myself. First, I could not find any pure cheap vanilla extract or essence in Malaysia. Why is it so hard to get it here? Second, substances called “vanilla flavor” in the market do not contain vanilla at all; Homemade is always better – all natural ingredients, no additives, no substitute. Using 100% pure organic vanilla beans, the vanilla extract is then concentrated for a more intense flavour and aroma. It is thicker in texture and stronger in taste, perfect for baking and desserts, and creates delicious results. Usually, the method includes splitting the vanilla beans, pouring alcohol such as rum, bourbon whiskey, whiskey, brandy or vodka over it, capping it, shaking it and letting it age. It is very easy to make Vanilla Extract at home – almost no effort. After a month, I will be able to make Miller Crepe Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream, wait for my recipes!

How to make Vanilla Extract from scratch

Big taste in the little bottle – Homemade Vanilla Extract is for those who appreciate the art of fine home baking and cooking. It is a concentrate from real vanilla beans. When the recipe requires a more intense vanilla flavour and aroma, Homemade Vanilla Extract produces the most delicious results.

How to make Vanilla Extract

How to make Vanilla Extract from Vanilla Beans

DIY Vanilla Extract


2 Vanilla Beans
Unflavored Vodka


1. Place the vanilla beans (whole or split lengthwise) into the vodka bottle and replace the bottle cap. The Vanilla beans should be fully covered in the vodka. Tightly cover the bottle. Wrap the bottle cap with plastic wrap.

2. Keep it in dark and cool place, away from sunlight like a cabinet. Gently shake once a day for the first week, and then once a week. Leave it for at least a month; you will have pure homemade vanilla extract. Ideally, two months is required for the majority of the vanilla flavour to be extracted from the beans. The longer you wait the stronger it gets.

3. When your vanilla extract is ready, you can pour the extract into smaller bottles if you wish or just pour off the top, leaving the seeds and pods in the bottom. As you use the vanilla, simply add in more liquor to replace what you have used and shake occasionally. It will last for years.


Alcohol used should be at least 40% above. The Vodka I used is Moskovi Premium Vodka which contains 40% alcohol. I bought it at Jusco liquor department, RM 7.30. Inexpensive Vodka is fine. I use 2 whole Vanilla bean pods for 170 ml Vodka.

What are the equivalences of vanilla products

Vanilla beans and vanilla extract can often be substituted for one another, but you will get a truer and interesting flavour when you use pure vanilla beans.

1 vanilla bean equals 1 pouch of vanilla infusion
1 vanilla bean equals 1 teaspoon of pure ground vanilla
1 vanilla bean equals 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 inch of vanilla bean is equal to 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon vanilla extract is equal to 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

What can you make with Vanilla Extract

Miller Crepe Cake, Tiramisu, Ice Creams etc. It is good to have in your kitchen, keep vanilla extract at the ready. You never know when a use for it will pop up!

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