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Bangkok Chinatown | How to go to Chinatown Bangkok

Bangkok’s Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction and a food heaven for those we love to eat. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and a dense concentration of gold shops, Chinatown is an experience not to miss. Plan your visit during major festivals, like Chinese New Year, and you will see Bangkok Chinatown at its best.

How to go to Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok

The first place many Chinese immigrants settled on arrival in Bangkok, this remains the centre for the Thai-Chinese population and continues to be a thriving business quarter and trading neighbourhood. The path of the central Yaowarat Road, which bisects the area is said to resemble a dragon’s curvy body, making it an auspicious location for business. From the colourful lights of the gold shops to the traditional food and from the healing herbs and spices found in the Chinese medicine stores to the ancient tea shops, there are plentiful glimpses of traditional Thai-Chinese culture. If you can, go at night to sample the sights, sounds and delicious street food.

Chinatown Bangkok

Getting to Chinatown is very easy and the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to go to Chinatown is by Chao Phraya river boat. Boats run up and down the Chao Praya River from early morning till night so you can hop on a boat at any time. Take Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Chao Phraya Tourist Boat – One Day River Pass) from Sathorn (Central) Pier (Saphan Taksin BTS Station) and get off at Ratchawongse Pier (N5). From the pier walk along Ratchawongse Road for 500 meters, to reach the intersection of Yaowarat Road. You will see the Grand China Hotel. Bear in mind that there are no street signs that guide you to the Chinatown.

Things to do in Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok

What to do in Chinatown Bangkok? Eat. Most people go there for food and it is more happening at night. There are many great little restaurants spring up everywhere along the side of the road. All serve great fresh food for great prices too. Too bad that I just went there once because it was too far from On Nut, the place I was staying.

Chinatown Bangkok Crispy Pork with Rice

Chinatown Bangkok Crispy Pork with Noodles

The place was crowded and sister and I had a light dinner by the roadside. We ate ‘Crispy Pork with Noodles’ and ‘Crispy Pork with Rice’. After that we went for desserts, we tasted ‘Soft Bean Curd in Fresh Milk’ and ‘Ginkgo in Longan Soup’. Those foods actually seem nothing special to us since we are Chinese. However, if you are living abroad or far away from home, those foods do mean a lot. Sister and I love Chinatown so much as we miss home so much.

Chinatown Bangkok Dessert Hawker Stall

Soft Bean Curd in Fresh Milk

Ginkgo in Longan Soup

Hotels in Chinatown Bangkok

The Grand China Hotel Bangkok

The Grand China Hotel

Found a hotel there when we were walking back to the pier. It is situated in Grand China Trade Tower, at the intersection of Ratchawong and Yaowarat Roads, right in the middle of Bangkok Chinatown’s business district. Great to stay.