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How to make International Calls from Hong Kong

How to make International Calls from Hong Kong? I have got some useful information here. Few years ago, while travelling in another country, I always had to buy a local pre-paid phone card for making and receiving international calls as roaming charges are too expensive. After Smartphones were launched, with mobile messaging apps, those telephone services for travel such as payphone, pre-paid phone cards and mobile phone rental seem unnecessary. Do you agree with me?

How to make International Calls from Hong Kong using a Payphone

While travelling in Hong Kong, I still found payphones in many places, such as airports, train stations, convenience stores, malls, and on street corners. A payphone is typically a coin-operated public telephone, often located in a telephone booth with pre-payment by inserting coins (HKD$1, $2, $5, or $10) or a telephone card. For payphone in Hong Kong, no change is given, only unused coins are returned. To make a further call with unused credits (coins or Stored Value Phonecard), press “Follow-on Call” key, then dial the new number.

Hong Kong Payphone

Local Calls
HKD$1 per 5 minutes, for local calls. Reminding signal will be heard at the last 20 seconds of the call.
Long Distance Calls
IDD Dial 001 + (Country Code + Area Code + Tel. No.)
IDD 200 Dial 200 + Calling Card No. + PIN + (Country Code + Area Code + Tel. No.)
Operator-assisted Call/ Collect Call Dial 10010
Toll Free Call
Home Direct Call Dial 800 + Country No.
International Toll Free Call Dial 800 + Subscriber No.
Universal International Freephone Call Dial 001 + 800 + Global Subscriber No.
Free Services
One-Stop-Shop Hotline & tariff enquiries 1000
Directory enquiries (English) 1081
Directory enquiries (Cantonese) 1083
Directory enquiries (Putonghua) 1088
Long distance call enquiries 10013
Fault reporting 109
Other Local Fixed Telecommunication Network Service Operators Enquiry No.
Hutchison Telecom 1220
New T&T 121121
New World Telephone 1238

*When making a long distance call at payphone, calls will be charged at IDD rates plus a surcharge. For details, please call One-Stop-Shop Hotline 1000.

*For Police/ Fire/ Ambulance, dial free emergency hotline 999