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Hong Kong Airport Free WiFi | Free WiFi at HKIA

When we travel, WiFi is important to us. If it is checking e-mail for work or checking on area attractions, free WiFi makes things easier. WiFi connects us, to office, family, entertainment, to the world. So, is there free WiFi in Hong Kong Airport? YES. Nowadays, free WiFi is available in millions of locations. You can enjoy free wireless internet access at most seating and public areas in Hong Kong International Airport. No registration is required.

Hong Kong Airport Free WiFi

SSID: #HKAirport Free WiFi
Service Hotline: (852) 2188 7799

1. Disable data service (e.g. GPRS or 3G) to avoid roaming service fee.
2. Activate “WiFi” of your device.
3. Select “#HKAirport Free WiFi”
4. Launch your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Safari) and enter any valid website address.
5. Click “Accept and Continue” after reading all terms and conditions.
6. Open a new web page to enjoy the Free WiFi service once connected.
7. Disconnect your device from the WiFi network after use.

Tips: For better connection experiences, move to or stay at areas with stronger WiFi signal. For more assistance, please contact Hong Kong Airport Free WiFi Hotline at (852) 2188 7799 or approach the Customer Service Counters.