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Good Idea Handy Sealer | Kessler Plastic Bag Sealer

Have you ever bought something and then you found it cheaper elsewhere? I bought a Handy Sealer at Hong Kong Ladies’ Market for $50 HKD ($6.50 USD). I was proud of myself for getting something special as a souvenir of my holiday. Few months ago, my third brother told me that he saw the similar sealers (no brand) selling at 100 BAHT ($3 USD) at some night markets in Bangkok. Few days ago, I found it at Daiso selling at only $5 RM ($1.50 USD). A bit heartbroken but I doubt the functionality of those brandless sealers. If you happen to go to Hong Kong Ladies’ Market, look for the Kessler Plastic Bag Sealer demonstration booth there.

Kessler Plastic Bag Sealer

3 seconds to heat up
To seal unlimited length by sliding the sealer
To protect, keep fresh and dry for all.
Easily Operated by 2 AA Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries
Works with aluminium, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride up to 0.1mm thick
For: Office (documents), Kitchen (food), Warehouse (material), Studio (shots), Farm (seeds), Garden (flower), Drugstore (drugs), etc.

Daiso Good Idea Handy Sealer

Kessler Plastic Bag Sealer

Kessler Plastic Bag Sealer Demonstration

How to use:

1. Flip safety cover open.
2. Press and hold bag closed for 3 seconds.
3. Slowly slide in a straight line using the guideline on the top of the sealer.
4. Seal the edges as shown.


1. Do not use this item for more than about 1 minute.
2. After sealing, do not use this item for 5 minutes.
3. The sealer becomes hot, do not touch.
4. Keep out of reach of children.
5. Use safety cover when not in use.
6. Remove batteries when not using this item.
7. Do not alter this item.
8. Do not touch bags after heat sealing with this item.
9. Check batteries often.
10. Use this item only for its designed purpose.
11. Do not use this item near fire or water.
12. Do not use this item if it is damaged of deformed.
13. Follow local disposal guidelines.

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