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How to contact Groupon Customer Service: Groupon Warranty

Is it safe to buy on Groupon?” A question that I had asked a friend of mine before I started buying things from Groupon. So far, I have bought four products from Groupon: Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale, Tempered Glass Digital Weighing Scale, Wireless Eye Massager and Digital Body Composition Scale. I like to shop on Groupon because Groupon has many good deals. I bought everything cheaply.

Groupon Customer Service Groupon Customer Care

Few days ago, I was quite disappointed because I received a faulty product from Groupon, a Digital Body Composition Scale. I actually understand that it was not Groupon’s fault as Groupon is just an online marketplace for many businesses. At first, I thought it would be difficult to make the claim after I read the procedures.

1. Fill in the contact form (http://contact.groupon.my) under “Product/Deliveries”.
2. Upon processing, a mailing address and reference number will be provided.
3. Faulty products must be delivered in its original packaging (including accessories, manuals, and documentation) to Groupon Malaysia, Petaling Jaya. Delivery costs covered by customer.

*Groupon Malaysia will cover delivery costs of replacement/working product to customer. Printed Groupon will be required as proof of purchase. Warranty claims which do not fulfill the steps above will not be processed due to missing information.

I was a little bit frustrated but I could not just throw my money away. Luckily, the process was actually easier than what I had thought. Please read my previous entry: My Groupon ID: Where do I find my Groupon Code. I received another email the next morning stated that they had arranged the replacement and I would receive my product within 7 working days. I was surprised at how quickly they responded. I made the claim on 6 November and I got the replacement on 9 November, in just three days. I am really very satisfied with Groupon customer service and I have no complaints. Of course, the replacement is brand new and I did not made any extra payment. Groupon covered the delivery costs of replacement. Now, I have two Digital Body Composition Scales at home. Wondering whether the first one can be repaired or not as they did not collect it back.

How to contact Groupon Customer Service

Groupon Customer Service
Groupon Customer Service Email: support@groupon.my or go to http://contact.groupon.my
Groupon Customer Service Number/ Groupon Customer Service Telephone NumberGroupon Customer Support Number: 03-7949 0888 (for any urgent matters that require immediate attention)
Groupon Customer Service Hours: 8am – 12am Monday to Friday, 9am – 9pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.