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Hi everyone, I took a few days off. I am a little bit tired of blogging. My life is not stable yet, still ups and downs. I want to be financially free. I feel like dropping everything right now and apply a 9-to-5 boring job so as to live like a normal stable person. However, I have no confidence in my ability to work in a company. What should I do? I need money to learn languages and music. Sigh, stop being pessimistic, I received the Korean recipe books I bought on Gmarket before my Singapore trip. This entry was supposed to be done last year but I dragged until now. Here you go.

Gmarket Worldwide Shipping

Gmarket worldwide shipping process information:

If you make a worldwide shipping order, the seller will send the item to the Gmarket Warehouse in Korea. You may need to pay for the Korea domestic shipping costs for each item ordered. Most of sellers offer free or conditionally free domestic shipping and many sellers provide shipping discounts for orders with multiple items. If you put multiple items from the same seller in your shopping cart, combined shipping will automatically be applied (Read: How to buy from Gmarket | Gmarket Paypal Error | Gmarket Coupon). When all the ordered items arrive at the warehouse, they will be packaged and weighted for worldwide shipping. Up to 30kg per package. If the order is heavier than presumed weight, you may need to pay an additional worldwide shipping fee. Your order will be shipped once the required worldwide EMS shipping cost for the entire order is fully paid.

Gmarket Review

The item will be measured by the following steps:

1. Item is automatically calculated by pre-input weight data when placing an order.

2. Item gets delivered to the warehouse and measured the actual weight.

  • If the paid shipping fee is the same as the actual one: the item will be sent immediately
  • If the paid shipping fee greater than the actual one: the difference will be transferred to Gaccount (Cash Balance) and the item will be sent immediately.
  • If the paid shipping fee less than the actual one with the difference: Gmarket will send you a mail to pay for the difference and the item will be sent when payment is done.

Gmarket Express Delivery Service

Gmarket accepts orders from 61 counries, all around the world including Albania, Arab Emirate, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Luxemburg, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Moroco, Netherland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Rumania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Gmarket Worldwide Shipping Status 11 Dec
Gmarket Worldwide Shipping Status 15 Dec

You can track your Gmarket order all the way into your home. I bought the books on 11th December. The status showed that the books were on domestic delivery to the warehouse from each seller on 12th December. All books were domestically delivered on 15th December.

Gmarket Worldwide Shipping Fee

The estimated weight of my order was 4.40 kg. The actual weight was 2.81 kg. The estimated shipping fee was 26,640 won. The paid shipping fee (26,640 won) was greater than the actual one (22,370 won). The difference was transferred to my Gaccount as cash balance (4,270 won) and the order was sent on 16th Dec. What is cash balance? It is like cash in Gmarket. I received it on 20 Dec, only 9 days. Gmarket daebak (awesome)!

Gmarket Worldwide Shipping Status 16 Dec
Gmarket Worldwide Shipping Status 20 Dec
Gmarket Korean Recipe Books

Note: If the seller has already sent the item, you cannot edit your delivery information. Before you pay, please make sure that your delivery information is correct.