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Suvarnabhumi Airport

I’m too serious! On flight to Bangkok, one of the stewards saw a pack of instant noodles on my tray and jokingly asked for it. I think I gave him a very serious response by telling him “It’s not mine, it’s hers!” and pointing at my sister. I realized that I could have smiled and say, “Yes, you may have it.” One of my friends once said I was too serious about his jokes, I blamed we had a difference of culture, now I think maybe I was or I just didn’t get his jokes, lol.

Where to buy Thai Prepaid SIM Card?

Reached Suvarnabhumi Airport after midnight, I have a Thai Prepaid SIM Card which I bought two or maybe three years ago but unfortunately, it’s dead and couldn’t be reactivated. So, where to buy Thai Prepaid SIM Card? You may get it at the airport arrival hall 2nd floor. There are three mobile providers to choose from – One-2-call (AIS GSM), Happy SIM (DTAC Prepaid), or Inter SIM (True Move Prepaid). You may buy these prepaid SIMs at the 7-Eleven stores too, but it’s a little bit hard if you can’t speak Thai. You have to activate it.

Bangkok Airport Transportation

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Shuttle Bus? Limousine? Airport Express? Public Taxi? Car Rental? Public Bus? OMG! The fastest and easiest way to go to the city from Bangkok Airport is to take Taxi. DO NOT TAKE TAXI AT THE ARRIVAL HALL because you have to pay an airport surcharge of 50 baht that is not shown on the meter. Take those at the departure hall. Outside the building on the 5th floor you’ll see a lot of Taxis there dropping passengers. Walk across, take a seat there, pick a nice taxi, tell the driver your destination, or write the place and address on a piece of paper and show him. Make sure that the driver knows how to get to your destination and make sure the meter is on and showing 35 baht. On arrival, you’ll just have to pay the fare on the meter. In addition, there may be optional expressway tolls of 70 baht which you should pay directly at the two toll booths.

Bangkok Airport Taxi Cost: 250 to 400 baht in total depending on distance. I paid 197 baht for it – from Suvarnabhumi Airport to On Nut BTS Station, I’m staying around there!