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Where to Exchange Currency | Money Changer Sunway Pyramid | Exchange Rate MYR to HKD

I know I should not be here because I have not packed yet, I have not plan my trip, but I want to write this down before I forget. I promise that I will pack after I finish this. So you know I am going to Hong Kong and Macau later. For my travel itinerary, go to Airasia Promotion – Cheap Flights to Hong Kong and Macau. Now, I am want to talk about Where to Exchange Currency, Money Changer Sunway Pyramid and Exchange Rate MYR to HKD.

Money Changer in Sunway Pyramid

Exchange Rate MYR to HKD

There are three money changers in Sunway Pyramid, Spectrum Forex, Millenir Enterprise and Naz-Syah Trading. Always check the exchange rates from these three money changers and change your cash at the place with the best exchange rate.

How to exchange currency? First, you need to plan ahead how much cash you need. I want to change MYR to 10000 HKD and 1000 MOP. My standard question for exchanging money “I want to buy 10000 HKD and 1000 MOP, what is the best rate you could give me?” At Spectrum, the exchange rate display board showing 41.90 for HKD. A guy there told me the rate for HKD was 41.8 and MOP was 45 if I would like to exchange there. At Millenir, the exchange rate display board showing 41.9 for HKD, and they did not give me a better rate. At Naz-Syah, the exchange rate display board showing 42.20 for HKD, same as Millenir, they did not give me a better rate. Why so high? Both Millenir and Naz-Syah do not have Macau currency.

I have no choice but to go back Spectrum to buy HKD and MOP. However, I exchanged only HKD because my friend told me that we could use Hong Kong currency in Macau. He also told me that it was not worth to buy MOP because MOP had no value. The MOP exchange rate yesterday on the net was only 39.55 where Spectrum offered me 45? Though the guy offered me 44 after that but still not worth to change. In the end, I exchanged 4598 MYR for 11000 HKD at Spectrum money changer, the exchange rate was 0.418 (RM 4598/11000 HKD). Ok, off to pack my things.. but I am lazy.

Money Changer Sunway Pyramid Contact Number

Spectrum Forex
Lot 2.61 LG2 Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 0374922070/0374922720

Millenir Enterprise
Lot 2.42 LG2 Sunway Pyramid

Naz-Syah Trading
Lot OB3.G.U5 Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 03-5637 5732

Wait, temperature in Hong Kong and Macau now? Around 22-25 Celsius. So I do not have to bring thick clothing.