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Durian – Mao Shan Wang

It is Durian season now! Yeah! I never care about the species and I do not know how to buy Durian, BUT, I do know how to eat. My family and I, total eight people, ate five Durians (Mao Shan Wang) at SS15 this afternoon and I still smell like Durian now! Five “Mao Shan Wang” costs us RM 117, but actually the price is depends on the weights of the Durian. “Mao Shan Wang” is selling RM 18 per kg, “Ox” is selling RM 8 per kg and “D24” is selling RM 6 per kg at the stall. For non-Malaysian readers, what is Durian? To me, it is quite dangerous, because of the sharp thorns. My mum told me that long time ago my grandma used to cut off the thorns with knife and wrapped the whole Durian with newspaper and then carried it from Sungai Bakap to our house in Bukit Mertajam by bus. This is the way to carry a Durian from one place to another without hurting yourself! My grandma is SMART, is not it?

More about Durian

One more little thing about Durian, you cannot pluck them from the tree, in other words, no one pluck them, they are not apples! Durian will fall from the tree naturally, usually at midnight, I never heard of anyone killed by a Durian, but you need to be careful if you go to Durian farm. Just let you know a little bit more about me, I do not eat food that made from Durian especially Durian dessert, and I hate frozen Durian. I do not think they taste better than the fresh one. Come to Malaysia and try it! DurianYou have to find a good one, because normal non-ethic hawkers will cheat you by selling BAD Durian, especially when you sound like foreigner or you are a foreigner. Malaysians ~ go to Jalan SS 15/4g, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, in front of KFC and try the Mao Shan Wang there. They are hawkers too, but you’ll see a lot of people surrounding the stall and the seller opening the Durian NON-STOP; for those who eat there or for those who want to bring home. The flesh is yellowish, rich and the seed is quite small. They have “D24” and “XO” too. Super yummy~ Ah.. Really satisfied! Durian fruit details you can get it at Wikipedia. Tips: Try to eat Durian with rice and make sure you drink a cup of salt water after you finish it, if not you may lose your voice the next day morning.