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Digital Weighing Scales: Buy Tempered Glass Digital Weighing Scale Online

I recently purchased a Digital Weighing Scale online on Groupon. The deal there stated that I would receive the scale within 7 working days from date of purchase. I bought it on 23 September and I got it on 27 September, it took only 4 days. I was impressed by their efficiency. It was fast as compared to buying things eBay. Remember that I got my 2 in 1 Pedometer with Fat Analyzer more than 6 weeks from the date of purchase? Not only that, the same scale could cost up to RM 100 if you buy it on eBay. I bought a lot of things from eBay before but now I no longer shop on eBay. I prefer Groupon and just discover Lazada, another online shopping portal. I am planning to buy a cheap smart phone from Lazada.

Buy Digital Weighing Scale Online on Groupon

Tempered Glass Digital Weighing Scale


  • Weight Capacity 5-396lbs 2.5-180kg
  • Four Digit LCD Display
  • Battery CR2032 Li 3V
  • Working Temperature Range 50-95F 10-35C
  • Turn on auto
  • Auto off in 10 seconds
  • Hint of wrong “Err”
  • Hint of out “OL”

Operating Instructions:

  • Remove the battery saver tab from the back of the scale near the battery compartment prior to operation.
  • Place the scale on an even dry surface prior to weighing.
  • Step onto the scale, balance your weight evenly and wait until the display reads your weight. Your weight will flash on the readout for 10 seconds.
  • If you receive an error indicator wait for the scale to automatically shut down and restart the weighing process.
  • Replace the battery immediately when you see the LO battery indicator.
  • Keep the scale clean and dry to prevent damage to the mechanism and to prevent slips and falls.


  • Do not leave any object on the scale when not in use.
  • Make sure you stand in the center of the scale to avoid tipping.
  • Balance your weight evenly on each foot to insure proper weighting and to avoid errors.
  • The scales surface is made of tempered glass but can break if abused. Avoid dropping or impacting the scale.
  • To clean, wipe scale surface with a clean dry cloth.
  • The scales mechanism can be damaged if immersed in water.
  • Reset the scale by removing the battery. Wait at least 10 seconds prior to replacing the battery to properly reset the scale.

Tempered Glass Digital Weighing Scale Review

Buy Digital Weighing Scale Online on Groupon

I do not like traditional weighing scales though most people think that traditional scales are more consistent. I like this scale as it gives a precise reading and it suits my needs at an affordable price. For RM 49, I got a digital LCD tempered glass weighing scale (RM 192 value), inclusive of delivery to Peninsular Malaysia (RM 7 value) from KMP Worldwide (RM 199 total value). This scale come with 6mm tempered safety glass and four strain gauge sensors to accommodate weights up to 180kg. However, please be careful not to fall when using the scale. My mum and I nearly felt down because of the four foot. Never step on the edge of the scale platform. You have to step on the center portion of the scale gently. The scale is also slippery when wet. The battery that came with the Digital Weighing Scale package lasted only a month. This scale does not measure body fat, BMI, bone mass, hydration, muscle mass and calories. For this reason, I have already bought another Digital Body Composition Scale on Groupon but I have not received it. The Groupon deal for this Glass Digital Scale has ended. So what you could do now is to subscribe to Groupon newsletters and find out when this or a similar deal is available again. Good Luck.