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Mango Tango – Best Mango Desserts in Bangkok

If you have never been to Mango Tango, you have never been to Bangkok, Thailand. It is so far the best Mango dessert I have had in my life. The taste is great and the fruit is so fresh without any artificial ingredients. I miss it so much!

Mango Ice Cream
Mango Tango Signature (Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mango Ice Cream)

How to go Mango Tango

Once upon a time, someone you and I and no one know, who love to travel around visited my home… and YESSS!!! He fell in love at first sight with my city, Bangkok. He then decided to leave one important thing from his hand here… THE MANGO SEED

Mango Tango

Mango Tango Bangkok

Mango Tango Bangkok

Bangkok Skytrain Map Siam

How to go Mango Tango Bangkok

Siam Square Soi 5, next to famous SomTam Nua (Som Tam Paradise) and near Hotel Novotel Bangkok. Take BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and get off at Siam Station. Siam Square is just the opposite of Siam Paragon. See map. You may call Mango Tango for direction – (+66) 81 619 5504.

Mango Tango Menu

The place is very small. Someone will hand you a menu while you are waiting for seats, recommend the signature “Mango Tango” – Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mango Ice Cream. However, the staffs are quite rude. Do not let them ruin your mood.

Mango Tango Menu

Pudding Menu

01. Mango Pudding 50 Baht
02. Mango Tango 120 + Extra Sticky Rice (Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mango Ice Cream) 145 Baht
03. Mango Rhumba (Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mixed Fruits) 80 Baht
04. Mango Waltz (Mango Pudding in Milk Sago) 80 Baht
05. Mango Salsa (Mango Pudding in Fresh Mango Juice) 85 Baht
06. Mango Twist (Mango Pudding in Mango Sauce) 70 Baht

Mango Fruit Desserts

07. Mango Cha Cha Cha (Grass Jelly, Sago, Coconut Jelly + Diced Mango + Mixed Fruit) *65 Baht
08. Mango Aloha (Diced Mango in Milk Sago topped with Mango Sauce) *65 Baht
09. Cantaloupe/ Fruit Salad Aloha (Cantaloupe/ Mixed Fruit in Milk Sago) *65 Baht
10. Mango Delight (Mango Ice Cream + Diced Mango with Mango Sauce) *65 Baht
11. Mango Parfait *85 Baht
12. Mango Iceberg *85 Baht
13. Mango Thai Sundae (Mango Ice Crean with Sticky Rice and Fresh Mango) *75 Baht
– Mango Sticky Rice *120 Baht
– 2 Fresh Mango (L) *120 Baht
15. Mango/ Kiwi/ Strawberry Combo (Blended Ice Fresh Fruit with Mixed Fruits) *85 Baht
16. Watermelon/ Cantaloupe Combo (Blended ICe Watermelon/ Cantaloupe with Mixed Fruits) *75 Baht

Fruity Healthy

19. Fruit Salad Yin Yang (Black Sesame Tofu and White Todu with Mixed Fruit) *65 Baht
20. Zummer Yin Yang (Black Sesame and White Tofu in Milk Sago) *65 Baht


21. Fruit Swing
– Mango/ Kiwi/ Strawberry/ Apple *55 Baht
– Watermelon/ Cantaloupe *45 Baht
22. Smoothies (Mango/ Kiwi/ Berry Berry/ Berry Strawberry) *75 Baht
23. Energy Smoothies *75 Baht
– Mango + Kiwi
– Mango + Orange Mandarin Juice
– Kiwi + Apple
– Banana + Strawberry
– Mango + Banana
24. Lassi (Mango/ Kiwi/ Strawberry) *70 Baht
25. Mango Ska (Iced Blended Mango with Clear Pudding) *65 Baht
26. Chinese Swing (Ice Plum Juice & Ice Plum Shake) *45/ 55 Baht
27. Grass Jelly Swing *45 Baht
28. Lemon Soda *45 Baht
29. Mineral Water *15 Baht

My Dear Friends

I met some of my university friends last Saturday. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. The moment was just like in the old days, we talked and we laughed. I miss those days. I may not say but I love them so much. I am grateful for these friends, they mean a lot to me. I graduated three years ago, but up until today, I am still unemployed. Why am I still unemployed? There are many reasons. I am thankful and grateful because I have a family that supports my dreams and respects my choices especially my mother. I shall not give up, I shall not lose hopes. There is a will, there is a way. I shall spend every single day of my life doing something that improve myself. It is never too late to start now. Take action, do not just think and say.