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Dart Balloon Game – Thai vs Korean

Do you know the Dart Balloon Game? It is a form of throwing game usually seen on the street or some special events in which darts are thrown to pop balloons that fixed to a wall. The more balloons you pop, the bigger the bear you win. We played this game at Hongdae, Seoul Korea. It was damn exciting! Rules of the game: you have to stand at a distance and darts are not free. We bought 32 darts for 20,000 won and we have to pop 20 balloons to get a BIG bear.

Difference between Thai and Korean Dart Balloon Game

Korean Dart Balloon Game

The Dart Balloon Game in Hongdae street reminded me of my stay in Bangkok back in November 2010. I was there celebrating Loi Krathong with P’Or and my brothers. We played the dart balloon game too. I cannot remember how it looks like in Thailand until I watch the video I have recorded. We did not win anything that day because it was really hard. I know you are curious now! Watch the video and find out the truth. I will show you a little bit of Korean dart balloon game first – lots of screaming, shouting and laughing. Focus on the balloons!

I know what you are thinking now. Is not that Thai people are smarter? The distance between each balloon was farther. You will need to aim better even the balloons are bigger. It was really hard to pop it. Korean Dart Ballon Game is easier to win. We won three bears in total. Two small bears and a really big bear. The bears are quite good in quality too. I cannot stop laughing viewing this video. We were very desperate for the bears. In addition, it was a very nice trip and also a very good memory to me. I think I will not forget this even until the day I die.