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Australian Cherries First Pick

Wow, First Pick Australian Cherries in Malaysia! We cannot grow cherries in Malaysia; thanks to Euro Atlantic Sdn Bhd imported this for us. Thanks to Jusco as well. I really love Jusco. We can get all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables there. Today, we talk about First Pick Australian Cherries. It is summer in most of Australia now, hot and humid is not it? But one good thing about summer is that you can get lots of beneficial summer’s fruits such as apricots, peaches, oranges and all the berries etc. Nowadays, although most seasonal fruits are available throughout the year, do not you think that those fruits taste best during the season? Just like Durian, the king of fruits, most Malaysians do not eat it if it is not the season; it does not smell good and inside is quite watery or sometimes hard like a stone.

Australian Cherries

First Pick Australian CherriesBack to the topic, First Pick Australian Cherries. As compare to what I ate during the last summer vacation in Perth, Australia, I think these little cherries are a little bit more sour and less juicy. The cherry size is smaller too. Perhaps, sweet, juicy and bigger cherries was retained in Australia? Haha. I cannot really remember how much it cost in Perth. AUD 8 per kg? If you are staying in Australia now, you can always get much cheaper almost 50% off the market price during the end of the season. My aunt grabbed a big packet of cherries home when cherries were on sale at market. She used cherries to make desserts, pie, jam and many more. I do not have any cherry recipe. I eat them straight away fresh from package. In Malaysia, net weight 250 grams is selling at RM 15.90 (if not mistake) and 500 grams is selling at RM 26.90. Try it. You will not regret.