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Kitchen Scale Groupon: Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale Review

I bought a cheap electronic kitchen scale online on Groupon two months ago, Joylife compact digital kitchen scale for accurate ingredient measurement – measures in pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, grams, and milliliters. Before I saw this, I had only heard about Joylife Soy Milk Maker. Joylife brand is well-known for its multifunctional no-filter technology grains milk maker. For this reason, I think the kitchen scale would not be bad at all.

Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale Review

Kitchen Scale Groupon: Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale

I have already had a traditional kitchen scale at home but it is unable to accurately measure small amounts so I decided to buy a cheap digital kitchen scale. I bought this without a second thought when I saw it on Groupon. For RM 45, I got an Electronic Kitchen Scale (RM 123 value), inclusive of delivery to Peninsular Malaysia (RM 7 value) from Nexus Digital (RM 130 total value). The Groupon deal for this kitchen scale is still available at only RM 38.

Dimensions: 15cm x 20.5cm x 1.8cm
Capacity: 1g (minimum), 5kg (maximum)
Power: 3x AAA batteries (included)
Measurement value format: pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, grammes, and millilitres

The right kitchen scale can make cooking and baking more accurate and more enjoyable. Digital kitchen scales are the most popular options available today. Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale is compact in size, certainly much smaller than your traditional kitchen scales. Different measurement can be switched easily and it does not come with tray or bowl. I actually prefer scales without bowls so that I can use my own bowls and take advantage of the tare function to perform cumulative measurements. What is Tare function? Tare function allows you to reset the weight as ingredients are added, which allows you to measure one ingredient after another without having to remove the previous ingredients. It is a lot more efficient, and it tends to be more accurate as well. This feature also allows you to use different bowls and containers while weighing ingredients. The bowl or container can be placed on the scale first, and the weight can be zeroed out with the tare function. From there, ingredients can be added and weighed as usual.

Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale

I used this kitchen scale to measure the ingredients when I was making the Chinese Peanut Sesame Pancake but I found it difficult to accurately measure small amounts too, for examples, 1g and 3g. I think measuring spoons is better and more accurate for small amount measurement. Auto-off feature turns off the scale automatically after being idle for two minutes. It is easy to save a lot of batteries. However, same as the Tempered Glass Digital Weighing Scale I bought, the battery that came with Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale package lasted only a month. The scale is not resistant to water. Keep it away from a running tap and avoid immersing it in water.

Joylife Electronic Kitchen Scale Manual

Model EKS1151/2/3


  1. Read all instructions before operating the scale.
  2. Do not expose this product to rain or moisture.
  3. This scale does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Do not disassemble.
  4. Use this scale for its intended purpose only.

Note: Please remove the insulating strip from battery before using.

Operation instructions

Activating the scale

  1. Turn the scale on by pressing “On/Tare/Off” key.
  2. The LCD screen will show all characters for a few seconds and then 0g or 0.0oz will be shown on the display.
  3. The scale turns off automatically after being idle for two minutes.

Weighing an item

  1. Turn on the scale.
  2. Place an item on the platform and the exact weight of item will be displayed.

Selecting weight unit

Press the “Unit” key repeatedly to change weight unit according to following sequence: g-lb:oz-fl:oz-ml

Using the Tare mode:

  1. Turn the scale on.
  2. “0g/0.0oz” will be shown on the display.
  3. Place an item on the weighing platform and read the value accordingly.
  4. Press the “On/Tare/Off” again. The weight of this item will be eliminated and the reading will change to “0g/0.0oz”.
  5. Place next item on the weighing platform and get the reading.

Note: The scale will display a negative reading when you remove all items. Press the “On/Tare/Off” key once and the negative reading will disappear.


When the loading capacity exceeds the maximum capacity of the Digital Scale, the word O-Ld will be displayed on the LCD screen. Remove the item(s) from the scale platform to avoid damage to the scale.

Power Off

  1. The scale can be power off manually by pressing the “On/Tare/Off” key for 2 seconds.
  2. The scale turns off automatically after being idle for two minutes.


Clean with a soft cloth. Do not immerse directly into water or detergent, scrub with abrasive material or use corrosive cleanser.


Maximum Capacity: 5kg
Graduation: 1g or 0.1oz
Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 40 °C
Power Source: Three AAA 1.5V Batteries

Battery Installation

1. Turn the entire scale upside down and reset it securely on a firm, flat surface.
2. Remove the battery door.
3. Install 3X AAA Batteries in the battery compartment, ensuring that the positive side faces upward.
4. Close the battery door.

Battery Status

When the low battery symbol appears on the LCD screen, it indicates that the battery is low. Open the battery compartment and replace the old batteries with new ones.

Used batteries must not be disposed of as household waste. Do not incinerate batteries because they might explode at high temperature. Contact your local authority for information concerning reclamation and disposal of batteries.

When replacing batteries, always use brand new batteries of the same type.