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Buy Cheap Computer Mouse Online: Sensonic Optical Mouse Review (M10)

Buy Cheap Computer Mouse Online? Fast, easy and convenient. The third item I received yesterday was the Sensonic Optical Mouse M10. It is a very basic wired mouse and I bought it for only RM 12 (USD 3.70), cheap! The online market is getting more and more powerful and popular lately. Not only that we could buy things easily and conveniently, we could also save a lot of money as things are usually cheaper online.

Sensonic Optical Mouse M10 Review

Sensonic Optical Mouse M10 features a high sensitivity of 1000dpi for accurate movement. It is designed to fit nicely in your hand so you will feel comfortable, even after hours. You can use it with or without a mouse pad. Since it is corded, you can just plug the cable into a USB port and use it right away.

Sensonic Optical Mouse M10

Cord grip gland
A tiny but critical part to improve durability of mouse. It grips the end of the cord securely to provide strain relief and prevent cable snap due to accidental brute pulling and mishandling.

High precision tracking
1000 dpi high – definition optical tracking. Enjoys smooth and accurate cursor control. High dpi is very useful for smooth cursor movement on dull, dark and fabric surfaces.

Appropriate right-sized
Right-sized to envelope the whole mouse in your palm comfortably.

Buy Cheap Computer Mouse Online

Designed for Microsoft Windows XP
Certified for Windows Vista
Mac, Windows 7 compatible
For home or office use