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Rabbit Card

Good Morning Bangkok ^^ I feel happy, energetic and excited everyday here! If you live here, you’ll probably see a foreign happy smiling but sleepy face every day early in the morning. I’m happy today. I ate a bowl of porridge that tasted like my grandma’s cooking. The happiest thing when you’re living in a foreign country is to eat something tastes like what you usually have in your own country. I’m the happiest kid in the world. The porridge was cooked by a friendly old lady. I told her that I couldn’t speak Thai and I couldn’t understand what she spoke, but she still spoke to me as if I understood everything. I feel very warm inside.

What is Rabbit Card?

Rabbit Card
My friend told me about this card when I met her at the Gateway Ekamai. I didn’t buy the card because I don’t need it. My friend needs it for only a reason, to avoid queuing up to buy the single journey tickets or change during working hours. I gathered some information about the card from the internet and I summarized it as follows:

– Rabbit Card makes your life convenient, easy to top up and use.
– Rabbit Card is can be used on the BTS and other mass transit networks.
– Rabbit Card can be used for purchasing products and services at Rabbit Service Providers such as McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, Auntie Anne’s, Beard Papa’s, etc.
– There are 3 types of Standard Rabbit Card: Student, Adult and Senior, available at all BTS Ticket Offices.
– You may enroll in Carrot Rewards to earn points and receive other valuable benefits.

How to buy Rabbit Card?

Regularly, Standard Rabbit Card can be obtained for 300 baht, which includes 150 baht issuing fee (non-refundable), 50 baht deposit and 100 baht stored value for spending. However, from now until 31 December 2013, the card can be obtained for 200 baht, which includes 50 baht issuing fee (non-refundable), 50 baht deposit and 100 baht stored value for spending. Rabbit cards have a 5 year lifetime validity period from date of issue. Cash value on a Rabbit card is valid for 2 years from date of last transaction. Within the card validity period (5 years), if value is topped up, then validity will automatically be extended.

If you have a student or adult Rabbit card, you can choose either

– Add Stored Value or
– Add 30-Day Trips or
– Add both Stored Value and 30-Day Trips

What is “Add Stored Value”?

Add minimum value of 100 Baht, up to a maximum value of 4,000 Baht. In the case of passengers travelling on the BTS SkyTrain System between the original 25 stations, the fare collection system will deduct fare according to the published Fare Table. In the case of passengers entering and exiting in the Sukhumvit Line Extension between Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udom Suk, Bang Na and Bearing Stations, the fare collection system will deduct a further flat fare of 15 Baht per trip.

What is “30-Day Trips”?

15 Trips 375 Baht Average 25 Baht/Trip
25 Trips 575 Baht Average 23 Baht/Trip
40 Trips 840 Baht Average 21 Baht/Trip
50 Trips 1,000 Baht Average 20 Baht/Trip
15 Trips 300 Baht Average 20 Baht/Trip
25 Trips 450 Baht Average 18 Baht/Trip
40 Trips 640 Baht Average 16 Baht/Trip
50 Trips 750 Baht Average 15 Baht/Trip

– Trips can only be used for travel between the original 25 stations.
– Passengers can add trips according to available promotions.
– Trips can be used for unlimited travel distance for the number of trips specified (Except on the Sukhumvit Line Extension).
– Trips on a Rabbit card are valid for 30 days from date of first use. Cards should be used within 45 days from date of issue or trips last refilled, after which any remaining trips will be automatically cancelled.
– New trips must then be added to validate a card for further travel.
– Trips are non-refundable. Cards within validity period may be refilled with trips upon promotion as specified by the Company.

Now, I’m quite interested in the 30-Day Trips. I think we can save a lot of money if we buy the Rabbit Card.

Thai Pork Porridge

Here’s the porridge I ate this morning. Warm in stomach.
Thai Pork Porridge