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Body Slimming Products: Body Slimming Massager Y-1018 – Let Fat Exercise Burn and Decompose

Sculpts, firms and tones muscles with the quick, inexpensive solution – Body Slimming MassagerSlimming Massager Y-1018 – workout anytime, anywhere – let fat exercise burn and decompose – suitable for muscle toning, tennis elbow, paralysis (upper/lower body), arthritis pains and joint areas, diabetes, constipation, sexual vigor improvement, diarrhea/indigestion, muscles pain on limb, knee inflammation, rheumatoid of knee joint, rheumatism (shoulder or elbow or any pain point, general/nervous headaches, hypertension, tinnitus, stiff shoulder, stiff neck etc.

Body Slimming Massager Y-1018

Body Slimming Massager Y-1018 Manual

Body Slimming Massager

Use 1018 Slimming Massager for stiffness of shoulders. Paralysis of peripheral nerves. Recovery of fatigue. Improves blood circulation Neuralgia Gradual release of muscular pain. Output of 2 channels – A and B can be used to treat various parts of the body simultaneously. You can choose any of the 5 treatment modes (Tapping, Modulation, Kneading, program 1 and program 2). The wave form and frequency will fluctuate automatically in 2 computerized programs for an even more comfortable massage.


1. 8 programmed exercise routine
2. Sleek fit, compact and lightweight design
3. 4 Large oval electrode pads for gentle massage
4. 2 output channels: A and B (to treats various points of the body)
5. 2 x AAA battery


I always want to lose weight but I am lazy and love to eat. I am not in the overweight range, but I have some extra fat in my body, I do not have a beautiful body and I hate exercising. So, I bought this Body Slimming Massager from eBay to test it out. I bought it on 10 July from a ShenZhen, China seller (toplcbsales) for USD $6.67 with free standard shipping and I received it on 15 August, about 5 weeks.

Though I am not sure about the fat burning function as I have no idea how to test that but this electronic pulse massager is quite good for relieving stiffness in muscles and can be quite relaxing. If you have super tense muscles from a hard day at work, it would be nice to end the day with a massage and Body Slimming Massager Y-1018 will be a good affordable massager to have at home. It is very comforting when you need some relief.

It can be used in many areas in your body, including arms, neck and shoulders, back, low back, legs, feet, joints etc. In a Nutshell, it is intended to be used as a massager to relieve (muscle) pain, stiffness, fatigue and improve blood circulation and body function. The massaging effect is achieved by electronic stimulation of the nerves through electrode pads placed on the skin. Various massage treatment programs can be selected.

I placed all 4 electrodes on my stiff shoulder and ran it for the 15 minutes. The small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, like little electric shocks. The stiffness in my shoulders had loosened after the treatment and I am very satisfied with it. Although there is not much robust proof that this massager works, I do find it very helpful and I think it is a good deal for the money.

Body Slimming Massager Y-1018 eBay

Body Slimming Massager eBay

Color: Blue
Battery: 2 x AAA
Item size: 10 x 7 x 2 cm
Item weight: 50g
Package include:
1 x Slimming Massager
4 x Electrode Pads
1 x Cable
1 x User Manual

Slimming Massager Y-1018 Manual

Make sure you read the instruction manual carefully before use so that you can make full and correct use of your massager.

Important Preliminary Information

Refrain from using in the following situations:

Those people who suffer from any of the following diseases or are showing any symptoms should not use the electronic pulse massager for low-frequency treatment.

1. Heart disease
2. Users of pacemakers
3. High fever
4. Acute (painful) diseases
5. Abnormal blood pressure
6. Menstruation, pregnancy or after giving birth
7. On or around cuts and/or skin diseases
8. Malignant tumors
9. When the body is wet from bathing/showering or sweating.
10. Tuberculous diseases
11. People receiving medical treatment should consult with Physician prion to using the massager.


1. If used by 2 persons at the same time, please ensure that each user uses only pads connected to one channel. It is advisable to always start with a low intensity setting with gradual increments to prevent any discomfort.
2. Affix the pads so that they do not overlap one another.
3. Be sure not to move the electrode pads to another part of your body to another person body without first turning off the power.
4. Always keep the electrode pads clean. Do not touch the adhesive surface with your fingertips.
5. Should you feel any abnormality in either the main unit or your body, stop using immediately.
6. Those persons, children for example who are not capable of expressing themselves should not use the massager.
7. Do not place the electrode pads either in the mouth or on around the genitals.
8. Do not use the unit in a room with high humidity (bathroom, etc.) or while showering or bathing.
9. Refrain from using when driving.
10. Do not use while sleeping.
11. After use, unplug the electrode cord from the main unit and coil it around the electrode holder for storage.

To prevent damage:

1. Do not dissemble the unit, drop it from high places, or subject it to vibrations.
2. After use be sure to turn the power off.
3. Hold the electrode cord by the plug when unplugging it from the unit.
4. Avoid excessive bending and pulling on the connection between the electrode cord and the pads.

Correct use

Installing the battery:

1. When replacing the batteries, be sure that the power is off.
2. Open the battery compartment by pushing it gently in the direction of the arrows.
3. Insert the battery and make sure that the (+) and (-) polarities match the diagram indicated at the back of the unit. Slide the battery cover completely shut.

Preparing and setting the electrodes:

1. Correctly connect the electrode cord to the electrode pads
2. Insert the plug of the electrode cord into the unit’s electrode jack.
3. Peel off the film from the electrode pads.
4. Use a damp towel to wipe the area of skin on which you will be affixing the pads to remove any oil, cosmetic or dirt.
5. Should the electrode pads be soiled, both their adhesiveness and the number of times of possible use will be reduced.
6. Apply the electrode pads to the area of the body you wish to massage. The unit cannot operate unless both pads from at least one channel are applied.


1. Please remove batteries if product is not use for a long time.
2. Never apply the electrode pads to your skin with the power supply on. Doing so may result in sudden shock.
3. There are some areas of the body to which the pads cannot be easily affixed. For this case, use surgical tape from your local pharmacy to secure the pad.


1. Turn the power on by pressing the power switch. The TAP symbol will appear on the LCD Screen.
2. Select the desired treatment mode by pressing the MODE button.
3. Raise the intensity gradually by twisting the intensity control for both channels A and B. Both channels can be set separately according to your needs.
4. When you change the treatment mode, the stimulation of the current treatment will stop. Set the intensity for the new mode by twisting the intensity control again.
5. After treatment, turn off the power button.

Examples of treatment modes:

1. Tap – It promotes blood circulation by several kinds of stimulation such as high speed, low speed, etc.
2. Modulation – It releases fatigue by several kinds of stimulation such as low speed, high speed and alternation of these speeds.
3. Kneading – It gradually releases neuralgia or muscular pain by stimulation such as strong and soft pressures.

In the above 3 modes, the stimulation in A and B channels are constant and it is possible to treat 2 parts of the body at the same time.

Standard Intensity, Time, Number of uses


The intensity of the stimulation is felt differently by each individual and also will vary with physical conditions. The strength of the batteries and the conditions of the electrodes also play a role. Therefore, adjust the intensity control button to a position you feel most comfortable.


Do not assume that by increasing the intensity of the stimulation that there will be a stronger effect. This may very well not be the case. However, it is possible that excessive stimulation to the skin will result in irritation or red eruption.


A standard amount of use per area is 10-15 minutes. A single treatment should not exceed 30 minutes.


A standard number of use per day is 1-2 for approximately the first week when first starting out. There may be some people who feel fatigue. In this case, lower the intensity shorten the time and limit the number of uses to once a day.

Use one pair: A+A, B+B wrong, A+B ok.
Use two pair: A+A+B+B ok.


1. Unplug the electrode cord from the electrode jack.
2. When you have finished using the unit, set the electrode pads into the electrode holder with the electrode cord still connected.
3. Coil the electrode code around the groove of the electrode holder and set the plug in one of the four notches.

Maintenance and storage:

1. Clean the unit with a damped cloth or a neutral cleanser and then wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use volatile liquids such as benzene, thinner, or gasoline for cleaning.
2. Do not use or store the unit where there are magnetic fields or electric wave (near TV sets of speakers).
3. Do not place the main unit in areas of high temperature, high humidity, or under direct sunlight.
4. Store the unit where there is no moisture.
5. Keep out of reach from children.
6. Remove the batteries if the unit will not be used for an extended period of time.

Maintenance and storage of electrode pads:

1. If the electrode pads become soiled. The adhesive power may decrease and the skin might become irritated. If this should happen moisten the surface of the pads with water and wipe away the soiled portion, this will allow a temporary restoration of the adhesive power of the pads.
2. Do not place electrode pads in areas of high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight.

When buying replacement electrode pads, be sure to specify 1018 Slimming Massager electrode pads for Y-1018 Slimming Massager.


Problem check and remedy

No stimulation at all:

1. Are the pads and the cord connected properly? Check the connection to make sure it is correct.
2. Are the electrodes set properly? See before instructions on how to set them properly.
3. Have the batteries run down? If so, replace them with new ones.
4. Are the batteries installed properly? See before instructions on how to insert them properly.

The display and treatment mode light up but there is no stimulation:

1. Are the electrode set properly? The power to the connected channel automatically turns off approximately 5 seconds if one of the two electrode pads is removed from the skin. Therefore, set them closely to your skin.
2. The intensity level is at what position? Press on the intensity control button and stop at a point where there is moderate stimulation.
3. Are the electrode pads overlapping? Affix the pads so that they do not overlap in anyway.

Weak stimulation:

1. Are the electrode pads overlapping? Affix the pads so that they do not overlap in anyway.
2. Are the pads and the cord connected properly? Check the connections to make sure they are correct.
3. Are the electrodes set properly? See before instructions on how to set them properly.

Neither the display nor the treatment mode lights up when the power is turn on:

1. Have the batteries run down? When the batteries run down, the unit automatically turns off. Replace the batteries with new ones.
2. Are the batteries correctly installed? See before instructions on how to insert them properly.

Skin turns red:

1. Is the massage time too long? Limit your massage time to 10-15 minutes.
2. Have the pads dried? Wet the surface of the pads and try again. If the does not solve the problem or if the pads are quite soiled, replace them with new ones.
3. Are the pads affixed firmly? Set them so that they fit closely to your skin.