My Korean Grammar & Usage Note #8: -아/어도 되다 It is alright to…

01 Form

We use -아/어도 되다 to give or to ask for permission to do something.
First, change the verb into the present -아/어요 pattern and replace 요 with 도 되다.

Verb + 아/어도 되다

가다 (to go) 가도 되다
먹다 (to eat) 먹어도 되다
하다 (to do) 해도 되다
마시다 (to drink) 마셔도 되다
쓰다 (to write) 써도 되다
듣다 (to listen) 들어도 되다
부르다 (to call) 불러도 되다

이 컴퓨터 사용해도 돼요?
i keompyuteo sayonghaedo dwaeyo
Is it alright to use this computer?

네, 사용해도 돼요.
ne sayonghaedo dwaeyo
Yes, it is alright to use it.

02 Negative Form

We use -(으)면 안 되다 to refuse to give permission or to express prohibition of an action.
If the verb stem ends with a vowel (no batchim), -면 안 되다 is added.
If the verb stem ends with a consonant (with batchim), -으면 안 되다 is added.
받침 (batchim) is the consonant which added below a normal syllable.

Verb + (으)면 안 되다

사다 (to buy) 사면 안 되다
오다 (to come) 오면 안 되다
피우다 (to smoke) 피우면 안 되다
앉다 (to sit) 앉으면 안 되다
닫다 (to close) 닫으면 안 되다
받다 (to receive) 받으면 안 되다

Irregular form ‘ㄹ’

놀다 (to play) 놀면 안 되다
알다 (to know) 알면 안 되다
살다 (to live) 살면 안 되다
만들다 (to make) 만들면 안 되다

Irregular form ‘ㄷ’

듣다 (to listen) 들으면 안 되다
걷다 (to walk) 걸으면 안 되다
묻다 (to ask) 물으면 안 되다

여기에서 전화하면 안 돼요.
yeogieseo jeonhwahamyeon an dwaeyo
It is not allowed to make a phone call here.

지금 음악을 들으면 안 돼요.
jigeum eumakeul deuleumyeon an dwaeyo
It is not allowed to listen music now.

03 Others

Verb + 아/어도 괜찮다

‘되다’ can be replaced by 괜찮다 (to be all right).

지하철을 타도 괜찮아요?
jihacheoleul tado gwaenchanayo
Is it alright to take the subway?

네, 지하철을 타도 괜찮아요.
ne jihacheoleul tado gwaenchanayo
Yes, it is alright to take the subway.

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