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I am very excited now. I have already received the cheap smartphone, iPro S3 512MB Red, I bought two days ago from Lazada Online Shop. I bought it on 31 Oct at 4.57am and got it on 11 Nov at around 3pm, fast right? The delivery man called me several times but I did not switch on my phone. Luckily my mum was at home and she signed it for me. I was impressed by their efficiency. Therefore, I would like to write a review here.

Lazada Online Shop

First, where did I hear about Lazada Online Shop? I heard it from my third brother’s girlfriend who is a Thai. She discovered that I had bought a lot of things online on eBay and Groupon – Digital Weighing Scale, Body Fat Analyzer, BIA Skin Analyzer, etc. Therefore, she suggested Lazada.

What is the difference between Lazada and other online shops?

Fast Free Delivery
All regions of Malaysia are eligible for free delivery, however a shipping fee may be applied – if orders below RM100. Lazada aims to deliver within the time agreed upon at purchase, as mentioned on the product page. Most products can be delivered in just 1-3 business days. You will receive a phone call to confirm a time of delivery of your purchase.

Cash on Delivery
PayPal is the preferred payment method for most eBay buyers and sellers but Lazada accepts credit cards, direct debit and Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide. With the COD option, you can pay for your item when it gets to your doorstep. It is very simple, secure and hassle-free. Enjoy having a peace of mind when you purchase using COD.

14-Days Return Policy
If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it within 14 days.

Order Tracking
After your order has been placed on Lazada Website (, the status of your order is easy to find. All you have to do is just log on to your Lazada account.

Lazada Online Shopping Review

To be honest, I no longer want to shop on eBay anymore. Groupon and Lazada are so much better, in terms of price, delivery and quality.

First, you need to register a new customer account.

1. Click Register.
2. Fill the form.
3. Click Submit.
4. Done.

*Remember to tick “I want to receive offers by e-mail” in order to get the RM 10 voucher code. Read below.

Lazada Registration

How to buy on Lazada Online Shop?

How to buy on Lazada Online Shop

1. Click “Buy Now” at the product page.
2. Select quantity. Click “Proceed to Checkout”.
3. Enter your Address for Delivery. Click “Continue”.
4. Enter Lazada voucher code (if any).
5. Confirm your Address for Delivery.
6. Choose your payment methods and place your order.
7. Enter your BCard number (if any).
8. Receive Order Confirmation.
9. Track your order.
10. Receive Shipped Order.
11. Receive the product.

Lazada BCard

Lazada Order Confirmation

Lazada Order Tracking

Lazada Shipped Order

Lazada Voucher

Lazada Voucher

Sign up for Lazada newsletter to get a RM 10 Lazada voucher code. Enter the voucher code at the checkout page to get an instant RM 10 off on your order. The voucher is valid for 30 days only. Minimum purchase to redeem voucher is RM 100. Most Lazada vouchers are to be used for one-time purchase only and are not exchangeable for cash.


Lazada BCard

Want more? Sign Up for BCard to earn loyalty points on your order on Lazada and redeem for Lazada cash voucher. BCard membership is FREE. It is a lifetime membership card which has no annual fees. Collect points for every purchase and redemption. 1 point is equivalent to 1 sen (100 points = RM 1). Furthermore, you can also redeem the points at over 400 participating outlets or redeem other exclusive items online. BCard redemption is available on BCard website ( For examples, redeem 400 points for RM 5 Foodpanda cash voucher, 2400 points for 2 vouchers of any Starbucks beverage (12oz, tall size), 1000 points for RM 10 Lazada cash voucher, etc. Please note that new sign ups are not eligible to collect points on the first purchase. You can only collect your points when you have received the physical BCard. The points expiry is 36 months after issuance (on a first in, first out basis) and cannot be exchanged for cash. I have already applied for one.

Lazada Phone
Last but not least, here is my cheap smartphone iPro S3 512MB Red. I will write a review about the phone tomorrow. Good Night.


  • fabien
    September 3, 2014 - 10:54 am | Permalink

    I had on Lazada Malaysia my worst internet experience in 15 years buying on the web!! I placed an order of 3 products, and the last product didn’t reach after 10 days. I called the customer service department (pretty hard to reach) several times. The first time, a customer service agent told me that the delivery was delayed to 4 more days. I waited and then called again as the product didn’t reach. Another CS agent told me there was a technical problem in the tracking and to wait a bit longer. I waited and called again at least 3 times to speak to different staffs and collect different versions, and still no product. After 3 weeks I asked for a refund on the phone to an agent who called me (Fatimah). She told me they would give me a refund. Then, on paypal, they tried to cancel the refund I required and to keep my money; but the Paypal agent noticed that they were trying to steal my money (it was pretty obvious as they didn’t do it the smart way at all!!) and decided to give reason to me and give me the money back. Lazada’s customer service has been very bad from the first day to the last one. They have been lying to me, each CS agent giving me different reasons for those delays, and then tried to keep my money. I talked with Fatimah, Steven, Ashal, Farid and Jonard and some more agents, all saying different things. Then they have not been able to unlock my password after so many requests. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to buy in Lazada for those reasons. If there is a problem with your delivery they become tricky and try to keep your money even if you haven’t received the product. You’d rather buy on ebay, for sure.

    • Chen
      September 3, 2014 - 6:50 pm | Permalink

      OMG! Really? They are so rude! I have been buying many things on Lazada, most recent purchases include Philips Food Processor, Meck Bread Maker, Trio Yogurt Maker, just to name a few. I like buying on Lazada because I could save a lot of money effortlessly (Ways to save money on Lazada Malaysia). After so many purchases, I do somehow agree with you that Lazada Customer Service is BAD. I’m quite lucky cause almost all my deliveries were correct. However, there was once I bought a “Doughnut Cutter” and they mistakenly sent me a “Muffin Mould”. I called Lazada. The “Goods Return Procedure” was very troublesome – I had to fill in a form and sent the item back by post. Though the postage would be refunded but I was angry. It wasn’t my fault, it’s their mistake why did I have to trouble myself? I talked to him politely, patiently but it just didn’t work. So, I rose my voice and acted angry. In the end, he unwillingly said that he will arrange a pickup at my home. After they got the item only they would send me the correct item. Since it was just a small item that cost just a few bucks, I rejected the arrangement and accepted the wrong item. Lazada should really improve their customer service.

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