Korean Vocabulary #37: Man and woman 남녀

Man and woman 남녀 namnyeo
A man; a male 남자 namja
A man; the male (sex); the masculine gender 남성 namseong
A woman; a lady; a girl; a female 여자 yeoja
A woman; the female (sex); the feminine gender 여성 yeoseong
A boy; a lad 소년 sonyeon
A girl; a maiden 소녀 sonyeo
A young lady; a girl; miss 아가씨 agassi
A gentleman 신사 sinsa
A lady 숙녀 suknyeo
An old man 노인 noin
An old woman 노파 nopa
A married man 유부남 yubunam
A married woman 유부녀 yubunyeo
Single; unmarried 미혼 mihon
Married 기혼 gihon
Boyfriend 남자친구/남친 namjachingu/namchin
Girlfriend 여자친구/여친 yeojachingu/yeochin
One’s lover; ; one’s love; one’s sweetheart 애인/연인 aein/yeonin
Love; affection 사랑 sarang
Date 데이트 deiteu
Darling (a term of endearment between couples) 자기/자기야 jagi/jagiya

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