Korean Vocabulary #34: People (III)

Baby; infant 아기/유아 agi/yua
Unborn baby; fetus; embryo 태아 taea
Newborn baby 갓난아기 gannanagi
Child 아이/ ai/ae
Children (sons and daughters) 자녀/자식 janyeo/jasik
Children (general) 어린이/아동 eorini/adong
Adult 어른 eoreun
Boy; lad; young man 소년 sonyeon
Girl; maiden; unmarried woman 소녀 sonyeo
Son 아들 adeul
Son (honorific) (referring to someone else’s son) 아드님 adeunim
Daughter ttal
Daughter (honorific) (referring to someone else’s daughter) 따님 ttanim
The eldest 맏이 madi
The youngest 막내 mangnae
The eldest son 맏아들/장자 madadeul/jangja
The eldest daughter 맏딸/장녀 matttal/jangnyeo
Grandchildren 손주 sonju
Grandson 손자 sonja
Granddaughter 손녀 sonnyeo
Great-grandson 증손자 jeungsonja
Great-granddaughter 증손녀 jeungsonnyeo
Nephew 조카 joka
Niece 조카딸 jokattal
Son-in-law 사위 sawi
Daughter-in-law 며느리 myeoneuli

자식 is also an abusive word meaning chap; wretch or bastard. Normally, spoken as “이자식아!” (i-ja-si-ga).

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