1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #4

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 91-120
to be long, to be lengthy 길다 gilda
to be short, to be brief 짧다 jjalda
to give 주다 juda
to give (honorific of 주다) 드리다 deurida
to be the same, to be identical 같다 gatdda
to be good, to be nice, to be kind-hearted 착하다 chakada
to cry, to weep 울다 ulda
to borrow, to take out a loan 빌리다 billida
to fall in love 사랑에 빠지다 sarange ppajida
to be unusual, to be abnormal, to be strange, to be weird 이상하다 isanghada
to write 쓰다 sseuda
to use 사용하다 sayonghada
to be quiet 조용하다 joyonghada
to be noisy 시끄럽다 sikkeureoptta
to explain 설명하다 seolmyeonghada
to work 일하다 ilhada
to walk 걷다 geottta
to dance 춤추다 chumchuda
to dance (춤을) 추다 (chumeul) chuda
to be not tasty 맛없다 mateoptta
to read 읽다 iktta
to boil (cooking term) 끓이다 kkeulida
to get up, to stand up 일어나다 ileonada
to change, to exchange, to switch 바꾸다 bakkuda
to be heavy, to be weighty 무겁다 mugeoptta
to be light, to be not heavy 가볍다 gabyeoptta
to laugh, to smile 웃다 uttta
to be glad, to be delightful, to be happy, to be pleasant 기쁘다 gippeuda
to be scary, to be fearful, to be terrible, to be dreadful, to be horrible, to be frightful 무섭다 museoptta
to be famous, to be noted, to be renowned, to be well-known 유명하다 yumyeonghada

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