1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #13

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 361-390
to bring, to fetch 데려오다 deryeooda
to be urgent 급하다 geupada
to touch 만지다 manjida
to hang 걸다 geolda
to set, to prepare 차리다 charida
to leave 남기다 namgida
to take time 시간이 걸리다 sigani geollida
to doze off 졸다 jolda
to be bitter 쓰다 sseuda
to smoke (담배를) 피우다 (dambaereul) piuda
to be uncomfortable 불편하다 bulpyeonhada
to wash clothes 빨래하다 ppallaehada
to get 구하다 guhada
to come on foot 걸어오다 georeooda
to hold, to lift 들다 deulda
to express, to show 표현하다 pyohyeonada
to look back 돌아보다 doraboda
to be oily, fatty, greasy 기름지다 gireumjida
to be strict 엄격하다 eomgyeokada
to be close 가깝다 gakkaptta
to observe, to watch 관찰하다 gwanchalhada
to be narrow 좁다 joptta
to be empty, to be vacant 비다 bida
to be heard, to sound 들리다 deullida
to earn (money), to make (money) 벌다 beolda
to change, to turn 변화하다 byeonhwahada
to be damp, clammy, wet 축축하다 chukchukada
to delete, to remove 지우다 jiuda
to be mean, nasty 비열하다 biyeolhada
to cross 넘어가다 neomeogada


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