1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #10

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 271-300
to have a meal 식사하다 siksahada
to get a phone call 전화가 오다 jeonhwaga oda
to write (down) 적다 jeoktta
to drop, to fall 떨어지다 tteoleojida
to come, continue 오다 oda
to throw away, to abandon 버리다 beolida
to go down 내려가다 naeryeogada
to stay 묵다 muktta
to be, to exist, to have 있다 ittta
to wash one’s hair 머리를 감다 meorireul gamda
to experience, to undergo 겪다 gyeottta
to grow bigger 커지다 keojida
to solve 풀다 pulda
to decide 결정하다 gyeoljeonghada
to comprehend by listening 알아듣다 aradeuttta
to occur 떠오르다 tteooreuda
to call 부르다 bureuda
to disguise, to hide 감추다 gamchuda
to reach, to touch 닿다 data
to be sweet, to taste sweet 달다 dalda
to dash, to run 뛰다 ttwida
to come back, to return 돌아오다 doraoda
to invite 초대하다 chodaehada
to bloom, to blossom 피다 pida
to be made up of 이루어지다 irueojida
to enter, to go in (-에) 들어가다 (-e) deuleogada
to be salty, to taste salty 짜다 jjada
to check, to compare 맞추다 matchuda
to do as a favour 주다 juda
to make friends 친구를 사귀다 chingureul sagwida

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