Buy Speaker Online: Vztec 2.0ch Mini Digital Speaker Review (VZ-MS5015)

I have just received three items I bought on Lazada – ELBA 1.2L JK-1207SS Jug Kettle, Vztec VZ-MS5015 2.0 Multimedia Speaker and Sensonic M10 USB Wired Mouse Black. Not many people would buy speaker online because the sound of the particular speakers could not be tested. Why I bought this without testing it? It was cheap, cost only RM 19 (USD 6) and I liked the design by just looking at the photo. I thought it was quite worth to buy and wanted to try my luck. Unexpectedly, this speaker has excellent sound quality and it delivers clear sound even at high volumes. It sounds a little piercing when the volume is too high, but the overall sound quality is not lost. In addition, it is lightweight, small, cute and fits my small desk. This speaker is an all-around good mini speaker and definitely worth the price. I love it! If you buy speaker online, do not just look for low-price, look for quality as well.

Vztec 2.0ch Mini Digital Speaker

Vztec 2.0ch Mini Digital Speaker

Whether you are replacing your factory-installed speakers or adding to your current sound system, Vztec 2.0ch Mini Digital Speaker will be an excellent addition to your computer.

Lightweight, compact, portable design
Low power consumption
USB cable connect to PC, notebook, DVD player and so on
Signal/Noise ratio: 80 dB
Rated power: 2 x 3 W
Power indicator: 5V/1A
Model: VZ-MS5015
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Warranty Type: Local Supplier Warranty
Made in China
Delivered in 3 – 5 Business Days

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Enjoy the sound of music, games and films! This mini digital speaker comes in a lightweight and fashionable design, making for an extremely portable and versatile speaker set as a perfect travelling companion. It is powered by USB, just simply plug into you USB Port, allow you to enjoy charm of music sound from a digital product at any time.

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