50 Useful Korean Phrases #5: Greetings in everyday life

21 잘 지내셨어요?
jal jinaesyeosseoyo
How have you been? (Lit. Have you been doing well?)

>> 잘 지냈어요.
jal jinaesseoyo
I have been doing fine.

22 오랜만이에요./ 오래간만이에요.
oraenmanieyo/ oraeganmanieyo
It’s been a long time.

>> 네, 정말 오랜만이에요.
ne, jeongmal oraenmanieyo
Yes, it has been really long time.

23 요즘 어떻게 지내세요?
yojeum eodeoke jinaeseyo
How are you doing these days?

>> 잘 지내요.
jal jinaeyo
I am doing fine.

24 덕분에 잘 지내요.
deokbune jal jinaeyo
Thanks to you, I am doing fine.

25 수고하셨습니다.
Thanks for your good work./ I appreciate your hard work. (Lit. You have made a great effort.)

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