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How Bruce Lee Died? The Truth Was Finally Revealed by Jackie Chan

I love the sentence when someone said “Jackie Chan is a living Legend, Bruce Lee is a legend”. This is so true because Bruce Lee was the pioneer and the first person to bring Chinese Kung Fu from China to the western world. On the other hand, Jackie Chan, a living legend who was born 20 years after Bruce Lee, had continue the steps of Bruce Lee. Before Bruce Lee, all the Kung Fu or martial arts movies are boring. If you have been watching those 50s or 60s Chinese Kung Fu movie, you know what I mean.

The movie industry really changed after Bruce Lee came in. I remember watching the first Bruce Lee movie in the cinema in the 70s with my father. I was only 10 years old at that time. My father brought me to the cinema with my elder brother to watch the 1971 The Big Boss. The movie ticket was just 20 cents if I remember it correctly. I instantly fell in love with Bruce Lee’s movement and his martial arts skills. Since then, I watch every Bruce Lee movies growing up, including the 1972 Way of Dragon, 1972 Fist of Fury, and the 1973 Enter The Dragon.

In the 1973, when I heard one of my classmate said Bruce Lee is died, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe this happened. My first thought was my classmate was telling a joke. The same night, I read the news about Bruce Lee’s death via newspaper in Hong Kong. I realized it was real but I still couldn’t believe it an accept it. I don’t think such a strong and powerful man would have passed away at the age of just 32. Months after Bruce Lee death, the official autopsy said Bruce died naturally. How could that be?

The real reason of Bruce Lee’s death has been in my mind for half a century. Today I came across a video on Youtube. It was posted by BruceLeeRealFight Youtube Channel, it is an interview of Jackie Chan, a living legend, who told the story of how Bruce Lee died. I went through the video with expectations, but I was disappointed with what Jackie Chan said. See the video here and tell me what do you think.