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Dentist in Penang: Best Dentist in Bukit Mertajam

Looking for dentist in Penang? You are reading the right page. I consulted three dentists in Bukit Mertajam for my wisdom tooth problem. Here is my opinion based on my experience. The most important thing I have learned from this incident is always seek a second opinion. Never let your tooth go easily. We have only one set of adult teeth. Appreciate it. Take good care of your teeth. I am writing this non-skin topic because I wish people could learn from my experience.

Dentist in Penang, Bukit Mertajam

First dentist in Penang I went was MaxCare Dental Surgery located at No.2310, (Tingkat Bawah), Taman Permai Jaya, Jalan Bukit Minyak, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Female dentist Dr. Lim Hoay Ping was recommended by my brother’s friend. He said she was the best dentist in Penang. I went there without a reservation and the receptionist was very rude. The dentist looked busy and she checked my teeth for just roughly 1 minute. I guessed she had another patient in another room. The rude receptionist then came in and explained the details to me. My wisdom tooth came out partially in sideways. The tooth next to the wisdom tooth, the second molar was decayed. The dentist suggested me to remove my wisdom tooth and she would try to fill the second molar. If the second molar cause pain. I would need to do a root canal. Wisdom tooth removal costs around RM300-RM600. Root canal is roughly RM1000. Dental x-rays for all my teeth cost RM100; targeted area RM60. The receptionist wanted me to x-ray all my teeth. The reason she gave was it was more worth the price. They did not give me the price precisely. They sounded money-driven. Another option the dentist gave me was to remove the decayed tooth. I was sad. Wisdom tooth removal was too expensive for me. I did not want to remove my second molar. Another thing I want to complain about this clinic. They asked for consultation fee, RM10. I think they should not have asked for it. The dentist talked to me for just 1 minute. She did not deserve it. She is definitely not the best dentist in Penang. I will not see this dentist anymore.
Dentist in Penang
Second dentist in Penang I went was Chew Dental Surgery located at No.1946, Jalan Kulim, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang. There are two dentists there. Middle-aged male dentist Dr. Chew Sern Chuan and young female dentist Dr. Lim Sin Yen. Dr. Chew is well-known as the best dentist in Penang. He is quite famous. I had fillings a few times at this clinic when I was a teenage. Targeted area X-ray at Chew was cheaper, RM30. I took an X-ray there. Dr. Chew said there was no need to x-ray all my teeth. The first clinic is money-driven. Dr. Chew gave me three options. The correct way to save my tooth was to remove the wisdom tooth and do a root canal for the decayed tooth. RM900 for wisdom tooth removal and RM900 for root canal. Costly but he is an experienced dentist. The cheaper way is to remove both my wisdom tooth and decayed tooth. Filling for the second molar could not be done. I could wait until the decayed tooth cause pain only remove. I remembered that few years back I consulted him about my wisdom tooth and the second molar. That time the decay was not deep. He told me that filling could not be done as the machine could not go in from the side. I really regretted that I did not seek second opinion that time. From my X-ray, Dr. Chew said that the decay on the second molar was deep and had reached the tooth nerve. However, I had no pain at all. I told him I saw a decay on my wisdom tooth. I wanted show him a photo I took with my phone. He refused to see it. He said X-ray was more correct. He disappointed me. A good dentist should always willing to listen to their patient. I did not want to remove my second molar. I heard another Chinese Dentist Oon is super expensive, so he is never a choice.
Wisdom Tooth X-ray
Gone home and Googled best dentist in Penang, best dentist in BM to find another dentist suggested by netizens. Could not find any useful information. This is why I decided to write this. For a second, I did think of removing both wisdom tooth and the decayed tooth. Third dentist in Penang I went was Klinik Gigi Sentosa located at No.2658, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Kulim, Pusat Perniagaan Maju Jaya, Kampung Baru, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang. The clinic closed on Sunday. I did not make a reservation. There were quite a number of patients there waiting. The clinic look neat and clean. I did not wait for long. I talked to Indian dentist Dr. Baskaran for my problem. I showed him my X-ray as above. Dr. Baskaran listened patiently. He checked my teeth thoroughly. He told me that he could not remove my wisdom tooth. Tools might break the decayed second molar. And yes, I was correct. There was a little bit decay on my wisdom tooth. For the time being, what he could do was fill the wisdom tooth and do a temporary filling on my decayed tooth. He said I did not need a root canal if there was no pain. After he filled my teeth. He told me that the decay on my second molar was actually not as deep as shown on x-ray. He could do a permanent filling for me if I had no pain at all in three weeks time. I was really happy. I spent RM70 for a permanent filling and RM40 for a temporary filling. The price is reasonable and he is really a good dentist. I think Dr. Baskaran is the best dentist in Penang. He is experienced. He is caring. He is patient. I have already done a permanent filling on the decayed tooth. I have no problems at all now. Moral of the story: never lose hope; always seek second opinion; we have to fight for ourselves; do not listen to other; trust your own judgement. Luckily, it was still not too late to save my teeth. Check your teeth yearly. Do not let yourself regret. Last but not least, I do not know any good dentist in Penang Island.