300 Useful Korean Questions and Answers (Q&A) #3

Useful Korean Questions and Answers (Q&A) 11-15


Q. 이해되세요?
Do you understand?

A. 이해 했어요.
ihae haesseoyo
I understand.

이해가 안돼요.
ihaega andwaeyo
I don’t understand.


Q. 우산이 있어요?
usani isseoyo
Do you have an umbrella?

A. 네, 있어요.
ne, isseoyo
Yes, I do.

아니요, 없어요.
aniyo, eopseoyo
No, I don’t.

>> …이/가 있어요?
…i/ga isseoyo
Do you have …?


Q. 몇 번 버스가 명동에 가요?
myeot beon beoseuga myeongdonge gayo
Which bus goes to Myeongdong?

A. 63 번 버스가 가요.
63 beon beoseuga gayo
The 63 bus goes to Myeongdong.

>> 몇 번 버스가 …에 가요?
myeot beon beoseuga …e gayo
Which bus goes to …?


이거 얼마예요?
igeo eolmayeyo
How much is this?

A. 5000(오천) 원이에요.
ocheon wonieyo
It’s 5000 won.

>> …이/가 얼마예요?
…i/ga eolmayeyo
How much is …?

버스비가 얼마예요?
beoseubiga eolmayeyo
How much is the bus fare?


Q. 지하철역이 어디예요?
jihacheolyeogi eodiyeyo
Where is the subway station?

A. 저기 지하철역이에요.
jeogi jihacheolyeogieyo
The subway station is over there.

>> …이/가 어디예요?
…i/ga eodiyeyo
Where is …?

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