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Jeju Island

Jeju Island Attractions

Jeju Island Attractions: KimNyoung Maze Park, Bijarim, All-In House Theme Park, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, Jeongbang Waterfall, Soesokkak Estuary, Yongmeori Coast, Jeju China Town, etc. If you read my previous post – How to get to Jeju Island from Seoul, you knew that we had taken 24 hours to reach Jeju. Finally, we met our friend Ji Eon and her sister Youna there. They had rent a car that fit all of us (6 persons) for 300,000 won. Everything has already been well planned by them *Thank You Ji Eon and Youna*. We did not sign up any Jeju Island tour package. A Korean ahjussi will drive us here and there, so I have no ideas on how to travel Jeju Island your own, where to stay in Jeju and transport etc. I am sorry!

Jeju Island Attractions: Day 1

Jimjilbang is the first place you must visit in Jeju! lol I’m just kidding. It is actually a public bathhouse and we went there for shower and change. If you are going there for the first time, please be prepared that you have to go naked in there. There are lockers for you to keep your valuables too. Before lunch, the Korean ahjussi bought “쑥빵” (Korean Mugwort buns) for us. Red bean paste is used for filling. Ahh.. I love it and I miss it!

Korean Mugwort buns 쑥빵

KimNyoung Maze Park 김녕미로공원

Do you love mazes? How about walking into a real maze? Challenge the KimNyoung Maze Park, Asia’s first and Korea’s only symbolic hedge maze. We were separated into two teams for the game. It’s fun! The thrill of the search and the taste of success in ringing the Silver bell! Photo was taken by my sister while my friend, Ah Ka and I were trying to search for way to the destination.

Jeju Island Attractions: KimNyoung Maze Park 김녕미로공원

Bijarim 비자림

We went to Bijarim (forest) for an over 824 year-old tree, the oldest nutmeg in Korea. It’s a very nice place for you to relax your tired mind and body. They open from 9am to 6pm.

Jeju Island Attractions: Bijarim 비자림

Before I introduce you the next place, let me show you our 20,000 won (1 person) lunch.

Jeju Island Food

All-In House Theme Park 섭지코지/올인하우스

The place I love the most there is All-In House Theme Park. *Introducing my sister to you all* I love this photo very much. It was taken by me at the theme park using my sister’s iPhone.

Jeju Island Attractions: All-In House Theme Park 섭지코지/올인하우스

We stayed at “베르사체 펜션” (Versace Pension) for a night.

Versace Pension 베르사체 펜션

What for dinner? Barbecue! We went to the market and bought charcoal, meats, lettuce etc. ahjussi asked us to walk separately because they will charge you a higher price if you are not locals. So bad! Jeju is famous for “한라봉” (mandarin oranges), you must try it though it is expensive.

Jeju Island Attractions: Traditional Market in Jeju

Outdoor Barbeque in Jeju

Jeju Island Attractions: Day 2

Forget the boring Seoul and have fun at Jeju Island! Woke up early in the morning and ahjussi picked us up around 9am. We went to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and Jeongbang Waterfall. Jeongbang waterfall is much prettier that Cheonjiyeon but I think it’s better to visit both.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall 천지연 폭포

Do we look like the “돌 하르방” (Jeju Stone Statue)? They said if you touch it’s nose, you will get pregnant with a baby boy.

Jeju Island Attractions: Cheonjiyeon waterfall 천지연 폭포

Jeongbang Waterfall 정방폭포

Jeju Island Attractions: Jeongbang waterfall 정방폭포

Soesokkak Estuary 쇠소깍

Next, Soesokkak Estuary, a place where the fresh water meets the ocean. You can either choose to kayak across the estuary or to take a leisurely ride on a traditional Korean flat wooden boat called “Teu”. I took this photo without realising that there was a young Korean guy sitting on the boat! He is good-looking, isn’t it?

Jeju Island Attractions: Soesokkak Estuary 쇠소깍

Hwanggeumryung burger 황금륭 버거

I was hungry and tired after kayaking and we have two big burgers for our lunch (17000 won each)! Burger never tasted so good! I wrote something on the table and I hope someone will see it if he goes there.

Hwanggeumryung burger 황금륭 버거

Yongmeori Coast 용머리해안

Energy recharged. Yongmeori Coast is our next destination. The cliffs there are insane! It is one of the wonders that this beautiful island is endowed with. I heard that it was built up over millions of years.

Jeju Island Attractions: Yongmeori Coast 용머리해안

Korean noodle house 올래국수

We went to a beach and afterthat we took our dinner at a very famous Korean noodle house Ollaeguksu. It is located around China Town there.

Korean noodle house 올래국수

Jeju Island Attractions: China Town Jeju

3 days 2 nights aren’t enough for you to tour Jeju Island! I have actually spent a week to write this. Every time I look at our photos, I laugh until I can’t breathe! Thank you Ji Eon Youna, Thank you ahjussi, Thank you Chee Kuan, Ah Ka and my lovely sister who brings so much fun to my life. I love you all and good bye Jeju-do.

Good Bye Jeju