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Water Puppet Show Hanoi Tour Day 5

Water Puppet Show Hanoi Tour Day 5: Cat Ba to Halong Bay to Hanoi. 1 hour boat, 2 hours cruise, 3 hours 30 minutes shuttle bus. It was such a long journey! Met a lot of people from different countries. We sang on the cruise, chatted and I slept about 2 hours on the bus. I was exhausted. There was nothing much you can do on the way back and it was really damn boring. However, Water Puppet Show Hanoi is waiting for us! We bought the tickets before we departed to Halong Bay, we had planned to watch it on Friday but tickets SOLD OUT! You need to buy it early. Perhaps, on the day upon your arrival if you are interested, the tickets are selling very fast.

Vietnamese Cuisine

A very warm and blissful dinner with Nhung

Me and my family met my friend, Nhung and her family for dinner. It was such a very warm and blissful dinner. Due to language barrier, we cannot communicate well with her parents, but the way that all of us attempted to communicate with each other was so funny! There were lots of different kind of Vietnamese sauces and her family taught us how to eat those foods. I felt like my family just came out from jungle lol. We would not have chance to experience those special local food, if Nhung’s family did not bring us to. Thank you, thank you and thank you. We enjoyed the dinner and it was super yummy! Come Malaysia if you have chance to, I will treat you many nice Malaysian food.

Water Puppet Show Hanoi

Water Puppet Show Hanoi

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater open 7 days a week, 6 shows per day: 2.15pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm and 9.15pm. First class is 100000 VND, and second class is 60000 VND. Tickets for children are available on Sunday morning 40000 VND.

Watched the Water Puppet Show Hanoi. It was quite funny. Brother and I laughed a lot. The ticket worth the price. At least it was something special that not available in our country.