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Stainless Steel Electric Kettle: ELBA Jug Kettle Review (JK-1207SS)

Another thing that I bought on Lazada two days ago during the revolution deals was the ELBA Jug Kettle Model JK-1207SS. My house does not have gas system so I could not use the ordinary kettle. I am quite health conscious and have been searching for an affordable plastic-free stainless electric kettle for a long time. Any recommendation?

ELBA Jug Kettle Model JK-1207SS

Stainless Steel Electric Kettle: ELBA Jug Kettle Model JK-1207SS

ELBA Jug Kettle Model JK-1207SS has little parts made of plastic. It has a plastic lid, a removable filter and actually contains a little bit plastic inside in contact with the water (due to the viewing window for water levels). As there are not many stainless electric kettles on the market, I could not find a low-price stainless steel electric kettle that is completely free of plastic components. This is by far, the best stainless steel kettle I have ever found. I bought this to replace the old one as the lid has started disintegrating and pieces of plastic are dropping into the water. Whatever it is, I do not really like it but I have no choice. It is better to avoid plastic items, especially when using them for your everyday life. Kill your plastic kettle today and look for a good quality stainless steel electric kettle.

ELBA Jug Kettle Model JK-1207SS

Capacity: 1.2L
Concealed stainless steel heating element
360 degree rotational kettle
Safety locking lid
Dry-boiled protection
Removable and washable filter
Automatic switch-off function
Delivered in 4 – 6 Business Days