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Gateway Ekamai

I’m now waiting my friend at KFC in Gateway Ekamai. My friend is doing research at one of the Bangkok universities, a best friend of mine, can’t believe I’ve known her for about 12 years. Though we didn’t meet often, but the link between me and her I guess will not be broken. I’m going to bring her and her boyfriend to a very nice Japanese restaurant “YuuJou Ramen”. To you my friends, if you ask me how long I’ll be your friend? My answer will be “I don’t know.” Because I really don’t know which one is longer, forever or always?

How to go Gateway Ekamai

Bangkok SkyTrain Map Ekkamai
Gateway Ekamai
How to go Gateway Ekamai

BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line Ekkamai Station (E7), Exit 4. Gets a never-ending Japan experience at Gateway Ekamai – variety of authentic Japanese restaurants, choices of international cuisines, lifestyle, fashion outlets, beauty and health shops, financial institutions, Hi Tech IT Stores, etc.

Gateway Ekamai is a new lifestyle shopping mall distinctive from other community malls sprouting around town. Distinct with remarkable ambience of Japanese lifestyle an extraordinary new experience for clients; coupled with remarkable location right in the heart of Ekamai, a junction of business and residential area. The main concept is including the culture and lifestyle of the Japanese.

The main selling point is the Japan Town zone with the original recipe’s Japanese restaurants that opened the first store in Thailand. Gateway Ekamai is divided into 8 floors. Complete with shops and services such as variety of authentic Japanese restaurants, choices of international cuisines, supermarket, lifestyle fashion outlets, beauty and health shops (Tsuruha Drug Store, Watson, Boots, etc.), IT store and edutainment center.

What else around Ekkamai BTS Station?

Wat Tat Thong

– Ekkamai Road (Sukhumvit 63), Exit 1
– Major Cineplex Cinema, Exit 1
– Museum of Science and Planetarium (for an educational tour of the planets and stars), Exit 2
– Eastern Bus Terminal, Exit 2
– Kluaybamthai Hospital, Exit 2
– Wat Tat Thong, Exit 3
– Sukhumvit Hospital, Exit 3
– Srivikorn School, Exit 4
– Thai Military Bank, Exit 4

Hotels near Ekkamai BTS Station?

I knew Nantra Ekamai is located around Ekkamai BTS Station, perhaps 5-minute walk. I went to Nantra Sukhumvit 39, I will write an entry for it, skip it for today.

YuuJou Ramen Ekamai

Tonkatsu Kare Don
Yakiniku Don
Gyoza Ramen

We took our lunch at YuuJou Ramen Ekamai, (Ekkamai BTS Station Exit 2) one of my favorites Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. We ordered “Tonkatsu Kare Don“, “Yakiniku Don” and “Gyoza Ramen“. Though owner is Thai, but the food there is really delicious. Collect YuuJou Ramen Coupon rewards if you eat there often. 5 points you may redeem 1 piece of cake (39 baht) and 10 points you may redeem 100 baht discount. The restaurant offers delivery too.

Free WiFi in Bangkok?

It’s so so so hard to find free WiFi in Bangkok! So far, I can only online at my hotel (The Green Bells Onnut hotel). Thailand is not like Korea, where Free WiFi everywhere. My friend and I used to search for free WiFi when we lost our way in Seoul. But here in Bangkok, even in the Gateway Ekamai mall, I couldn’t find any. Mostly password protected or you need username and password to login. My friend told me their hotel (Sathorn Saint View) does not provide free WiFi. They have to pay for it and only one person is permitted to use. She also told me that Starbuck in Bangkok did not offer free WiFi. Why? I’m actually sitting awkwardly at KFC because I didn’t order anything. Shall I buy an ice cream? Just forget about it, I’m foreigner! Haha.