1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #7

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 181-210
to divide, to split 나누다 nanuda
not to know 모르다 moreuda
to face a certain time 맞다 mattta
to lie 눕다 nuptta
to seek, to look for, to find 구하다 guhada
to think 생각하다 saenggakada
to resolve 결심하다 gyeolsimada
to achieve 거두다 geoduda
to ask 물어보다 mureoboda
to share 나누다 nanuda
to be empty 비어 있다 bieo ittta
to get wet 젖다 jeottta
to be hung, to hang 걸리다 geollida
to contact 연락하다 yeonrakada
to catch 들다 deulda
to get sth done, to do sth through 내다 naeda
to be annoyed 짜증이 나다 jjajeungi nada
to insist 주장하다 jujanghada
to fall asleep, to go to sleep 잠들다 jamdeulda
to be cold 차갑다 chagaptta
to order 시키다 sikida
to hide 숨다 sumda
to be old (objects) 오래되다 oraedoeda
to obey the rules 규칙을 지키다 gyuchigeul jikida
to come out of, to leave (a place) (-에서) 나오다 (-eseo) naoda
to bring up, to raise, to grow 키우다 kiuda
to dream a dream 꿈을 꾸다 kkumeul kkuda
to be cancelled (-이/가) 취소되다 (-i/ga) chwisodoeda
to pour 붓다 buttta
to look (at) 바라보다 baraboda

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